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Greeting cards made easy

Greet on Repeat is a subscription greeting card service for everyday busy people that value the meaning and sentiment behind a heartfelt greeting card. We help make giving greeting cards easier by hand selecting cards for you and sending to your door, 4x/year.

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Lessen your to-do list

About our service

There’s something timeless about a greeting card with a handwritten note. It's an opportunity to tell a loved one how special they are - whether it's their birthday, anniversary, holiday or special event.

Our service is designed to lessen your to-do list without sacrificing your commitment to give greeting cards to your loved ones.  When you sign up, you provide information about your loved ones that aids in the selection of the perfect cards. Delivered to your door, you can kiss the card aisle - and belated cards - goodbye.

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Stop Forgetting

Get your time back

By using our service, we’ll help you eliminate pacing the card aisle and time spent selecting greeting cards. No more belated/forgotten greeting cards, or last minute trips to the store. Once you sign up and provide information about your loved ones and their special occasions, we do the rest.

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Delivered to you

Hassle-free solution

We've all been there, right? Thinking you've got plenty of time to stop at the store to grab a card for an upcoming birthday. Next thing you know, the birthday party is tomorrow, you still don't have a card and you find yourself off to the store at 9pm only to spend entirely too long looking at cards. Stop the cycle! We're a hassle free solution to having the perfect greeting cards for your loved ones on hand without a trip to the store.

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About Our Company

Greeting cards have always been important to me and I never waiver in giving them. With all we have to juggle in life, remembering to get them can be a chore. I have made many last minute trips to the store and I’ve even made handmade cards – my most memorable was on the back of a restaurant paper place setting while working as a server during college.

Inspiration hit me to create Greet on Repeat while juggling work, kids and household responsibilities. I wanted to find a way to help busy people like me give greeting cards in a hassle-free way without sacrificing the quality of the card or message. With the encouragement from my family and friends, I turned a dream into a reality. It is my hope that our service gives you a little bit of your time back, while leaving a lasting impression on your loved ones.

-Heather, Greet on Repeat Founder

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Greeting Cards Made Easy

Our subscription greeting card service is designed to help people give thoughtful greeting cards without added stress, time or the greeting card aisle.  We handpick cards custom to you & your loved ones. Say bye-bye to belated cards or last minute trips to the store.