Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

When you first sign up, we take you through a tutorial where you can expect: info about you, creating an account, signing up for a subscription plan (don't worry - when you confirm your order, we prompt you to upgrade/downgrade based on your needs), entering your first VIP plus one of their occasions (like birthday) and entering your first Add-On card. You'll then progress to your dashboard where you can continue to add VIPs (plus their corresponding occasions) and Add-On's. When you're done, you'll lock in your order where we confirm your subscription level.

Now it's up to us! We hand select the perfect cards for your loved ones and occasions based on your inputs. We ship in 2 weeks (but usually much sooner!) and include cards for the next 3 months. Sign, send and never miss a birthday, anniversary or special occasion again.  Plus, you’ll never get the same card twice.  Then we’ll send you a follow up email in advance of your next delivery to review and confirm, or add to your next 3 months of cards.

What is a VIP? What is an Add-On?

VIPs are your loved ones that you regularly send cards to - think your parents, spouse, children, siblings, etc. For each VIP, you can add as many occasions as you desire - such as birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc. Add-On's are cards you plan on giving to people that aren't quite VIP level status - think your co-workers baby shower or cousin's wedding, for example.

How much does it cost?

Our high quality cards are just $4 each.  We require a minimum order of 4 cards per shipment.  Order at least 6 cards/shipment to receive free shipping.  We offer plenty of add-on card options, such as Thank you cards, Baby Shower cards, Wedding cards, blank cards - and much more.

I buy cards for more than just myself. How does that work if I need to get a card for my husband from my children?

If you’re like us, you are buying cards for your spouse, your kids, maybe even helping your mom out and grabbing one for her.  We’ve made this an option (by selecting an alternate 'from') - so you can get 2 cards for your husband - one from you, one from the kids.

Entering an entire year’s worth of birthdays, anniversaries and other events seems like a lot. Do I have to do it all at once?

No!  You can do it all in one sitting, or break it up if you’d like.  Just make sure you enter in all the VIPs, special occasions and add-ons for your first shipment to ensure you get all the cards you need.  We’ll send email reminders throughout the year to encourage you to complete your VIPs and occasions.  Once you’ve got your VIPs & recurring events added, you won’t need to add them again each year.

Why is the first shipment a month away?

We know you are ready to skip the card aisle ASAP! Your first card window starts one month from sign up and breaks down like this: 1 week processing time, 1 week transit time (to you), 1 week to sign the card, 1 week transit time to your recipient. If you had a special occasion on the first day of your subscription window, we ensure plenty of time for you to receive the cards, write a heartfelt message and get it in the mail to arrive in time for your VIPs special day.

Do I get to pick my own card designs?

The beauty behind this service is you leave the selection up to us.  Answer questions about your recipients and your preferences and we’ll select a card that meets your needs.  Less stress for you and no need to hang out in the card aisle looking at card after card. Check out our lookbook or visit our Facebook or Instagram (@GreetOnRepeat) to see a sampling of our card designs.

Why do I have to enter my birthday and gender?

We want the cards to be as relevant and meaningful as possible.  By knowing you are a female in your 40s, we could select a card for your mom with sentiments from you as her daughter thanking her for her continued support even as an adult.  Now, if you were a male in your teens, the card message for your mom might be thanking her for picking up your dirty gym socks (you get the gist).  The information you provide is used solely to assist in a relevant card selection.

I’d like to get a card for my parents for their Anniversary. What VIP do I put it under? Who’s gender & age do I choose?

Your choice - just pick one parent, not both or you’ll get two cards for the same event (in this case, your parent’s anniversary).  Whatever VIP you put the event under, use their gender (or select do not wish to answer) and age.  In the future, we’re looking to streamline couple events, such as anniversaries to make it even easier and offer a more tailored card selection.

Why did I get an extra birthday card?

We call it a just-in-case card.  We worked diligently to create an algorithm and inventory selection to ensure the preferences you select result in cards that match your loved ones.  Just in case we’re off the mark, we throw in an extra card on us to avoid any last minute trips to the store.

What if I need to make changes to my preferences or add/remove important people or dates?

At any time, you may login to your account and update any preferences.  Add (or remove) important people or dates.  We also send email reminders throughout the year and before your next shipments to confirm, make any necessary changes or add in additional cards (such as a wedding or thank you card).  We ask that you confirm your next shipment by the lock in date or your shipment will automatically be confirmed at your last shipment’s subscription level (warning: some cards may be skipped, see question "What happens if I don't review & lock in my next shipment?").

What happens if I don’t review & lock in my next shipment?

Due to the custom nature of the service, your subscription amount may be different each shipment.  If it varies, we must get your authorization to charge your card for the different amount.  If you do not lock in and your amount is more, you will only be charged for the pre approved amount and will miss out on needed cards.  For example: your last shipment you approved your subscription at the 6 card level.  This shipment, you have 8 VIPs/special occasions.  You must review your order and confirm the 8 card subscription level or you will only receive 6 cards, and 2 of your VIPs/special occasions will be skipped.  We’d hate to see a loved one miss out on a card, so be sure to review and confirm by the lock in date.

What is your return policy?

Not happy with one of the cards? We include a just-in-case card, just in case one of our selections is off the mark.  Still not happy? Return it and we'll put it as a credit toward your next order.  Contact us at for return instructions.

  • Card (and envelope) must be returned in new, unused condition, customer responsible for return shipping fees.  It is recommended you ship with a trackable method, as Greet on Repeat is not responsible for returned cards lost in transit.

Where are the cards made?

Our cards are designed and printed in the U.S.  We’re proudly located in Northern New York.

Why do you charge for shipping?

Other greeting card subscriptions offer free shipping, however it is sent via USPS first class mail.  What’s that mean?  No tracking.  I don’t know about you, but as a consumer when I buy something, I want tracking for peace of mind.  In order to make that happen, it has to be sent as a package instead and costs more to ship than sending it like a regular letter.  Hate paying for shipping?  Make sure you order 6 cards per shipment and the shipping’s on us.

Why don’t you offer Christmas/holiday cards?

Because a lot of people like to create Christmas/holiday cards using a family photo, we decided to opt out of offering Christmas/holiday cards at this time.