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What to Write in a Father's Day Card


Celebrating Father's Day. It could be your dad, your stepdad, your father-in-law, your grandfather, your godparent, or just a really cool father figure in your life.  It could also be any and all of the above. We don’t always tell our loved ones on the regular how much they mean to us and how much we love and appreciate them.  Father’s Day, though, is a great excuse to make sure you make it known to dad just how awesome he is and how important he is in your life.  You can do that with something simple as a greeting card and a little note of appreciation.  That’s really it and all it takes to make him feel special.

Sometimes it is hard to get started or know just what to say.  But that’s okay, it happens to all of us.  So if you aren’t sure what to write or don’t know how to get started, here are some ideas on what to write in a greeting card on Father’s Day that'll make dad feel rad!

Say Thanks. Express Gratitude for all your dad has done for you.  If you wish, make it a specific time you remember (either from when you were young, or a recent example).  Or, you could always keep it generic . Here are some examples…

Remember When?  Recall a memory that the two of you share that holds a special place in your heart.  It could be something small, like a funny inside joke - or something big, like the time he did something that was really, really important to you and had a big impact on your life.

Use the L Word.  Yep, tell him you love him.  Or say something that Dad will read between the lines and know that’s what you mean…. You know, like when he used to tell you to drive carefully (translation = I love you).  An example of saying I love you without saying I love you: “You are so important in my life and I don’t know what I would do without you.”

Incorporate Your Kids. If you have children, make sure to include them in the card. If they are old enough to write something (or write their name), or even draw a picture, do it! Having something special from them makes it next level and that much more meaningful. If they aren't old enough... or if you just want to double down, you could include a sentiment like this:

And of course this applies to Grandpa, too! He'll love something drawn or written from his grandkids and just swap "father" for "grandfather" in the examples above.

Not into all that Mushy Stuff?  That’s okay too.  You got him a card, that’s what matters.  Keep it simple and write your name… let the pre printed words on the card do the talking.  “Love, [your name]” will do, if that’s all you can do.

Just remember, whatever you write, write it from your heart.  Take these tips as ideas and adjust to personalize for your relationship with your dad. A simple card with a simple, heartfelt note is all it takes to spread a smile across his face.

June 18th is Father’s Day and the day is coming up fast.  If you haven’t gotten a greeting card yet, hurry up and grab one (and if you always seem to do the last minute greeting card scramble… you might just want to sign up for our service, hint hint wink wink).

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  And Happy Father’s Day in Heaven to my Dad, we miss you infinity 333.