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So I have the Greeting Cards, Now What?

Tips & Tricks to Send. Them. Out. On. Time!

This blog post is dedicated to two of my friends who recently told me “I have a confession” and then proceeded to tell me about their drawer full of cards and their forgetfulness in giving them to their loved ones!  You are not alone and the struggle is real ladies.

Having greeting cards on hand for upcoming occasions is half the battle… and trust me, it can be the harder half.  But sometimes, it’s not.  Sometimes, having the card is the easy part (and certainly it’s the easy part if you have a subscription with Greet on Repeat, but I digress) and actually doing something with the card is the hard part.  

Why is it so hard to get a card?  Why is it so hard to send out the card?  It’s not hard to do it, it’s hard to remember.  There’s a million and one things in life and forgetting to send a birthday card is normal and happens (I mean, it’s why they sell belated birthday cards).  But, if you want to do your best to avoid any forgotten events or a last minute hustle, here are some tips to help you remember.

Do a greeting card check regularly.  Look at the events you have coming up.  Think about more than birthdays and anniversaries, are there any weddings, baby showers or other events?  Do an inventory check.  Do you have all the cards you need? If not - add it to your shopping list (or use that as a sign to subscribe to Greet on Repeat).  Then, while you’ve got the cards out, fill ‘em out.  There’s no better time like now, and it’ll make sure you actually get it done. If you are adding money, a gift card or a check (my go-to for my nieces and nephews), don’t forget to slip it in the card.  Address the envelopes, throw on a stamp and it’s ready for the mailbox (or if you’re like me with a PO Box, a trip to the post office). 

How often should you do a greeting card check?  We recommend doing it once a month.  Once you get in the habit of it, it’ll be second nature.  The trick here though as doing anything new, is making it a habit.  Here are some different times you could consider:

But how do you remember to remember the greeting card check? Here are some options:

We’d love to hear from you, how do you remember to send out greeting cards on time?